Vé Boisvert

Vé Boisvert was born in 1990 in Hearst, a small French-speaking town in northern Ontario, and now resides in Québec City. Her love for fine arts grew during her undergraduate studies in public communications at Université du Québec à Montréal. Painting was a therapeutic medium for Boisvert at first, but it quickly became a thriving passion.

Inspired by shapes and elements from nature, Boisvert's creative approach consists of making the imagination perceivable. Using her intuition and superimposing colours on top of each other, Boisvert creates paintings bursting with positive energy. While painting, she listens to music and allows the song's rhythm to be her guide as it represents the language of emotion for her. Listening to the nostalgia and melancholy of the songs she chooses, Boisvert uses low-frequency music to allow her to transform profound emotions into beautiful and inspiring paintings.

The energy her paintings exhale is tainted with positivity and hope. Boisvert walks us through her universe of colours, happiness and light. Her canvases are engulfed with sensitivity and self-expression. In her work, Boisvert uses Feng Shui principles to balance the warm and the cool. Her spiritual journey and has a strong influence on her art. To define Boisvert's art in a phrase, one could say that it feeds the soul.

"I am really exploring in the abstract rather than the figurative because the possibilities are endless. It's like windows to the world. I want to give people love, well-being." - Boisvert