Mary Ann Laing

Born in Victoria, Mary Ann has been painting for over 30 years. She enjoys a variety of mediums to work in, but oils are her favourite. Most of her subjects are bold and colourful renditions sensitively inspired by the landscape of Vancouver Island, but she also enjoys still life work. Her paintings are among collections locally and internationally. A signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, her work has been included in many exhibitions locally over the past 25 years. 

"I believe every moment that an artist spends within their creative commitment it should be filled with a love of surprise. No painting ever ends on one preconceived finish line that yells out, "DONE!". It is because of my relentless curiosity that I am continually compelled to paint. It is the thought of what lies ahead once the idea seed is planted that inspires me. Be it from a meditative source or physical beauty that calls, or the obvious glory of nature's existence in the drenching sunlight, once into the action of putting pigment onto the canvas; I open myself to anything."