Patricia Johnston

Patricia Johnston is a Vancouver-based artist featured in over 800 private collections across Canada and internationally, including exhibitions in over 50 corporations and public institutions. She began painting as a child and has moved through various styles during her professional career. Johnston studied at the University of Western Ontario and the Regent Street Polytechnic Institution in London, England.

Johnston's artwork is created with numerous layers of fine oil paint and glaze, exploring the seascapes of the West coast. Her simplified landscapes seem to emit a radiant glow, the colours appearing to change throughout the day and in a different light. Her paintings are designed to reveal the spirit of the coast, as the moment's beauty inspires her. Johnston dissolves atmosphere, landmass, and wave alike to the edge of an abstracted, luminous state, clearly demonstrating an understanding of nature's nuances. Patricia Johnston's work has been available for purchase at the West End Gallery's Victoria location since 2002.

"In each painting, I try to communicate the transcendental, the world behind our visible world, the unseen behind the seen. There are moments when the world becomes brighter, in sharper focus, and stiller than normally experienced, and I try to catch that ephemeral quality and stop the world." - Patricia Johnston