Born on the Canadian Prairies, Tammy Hudgeon now lives on a small Gulf Island in the Salish Sea off British Columbia's west coast. Her unrestrained use of colour is truly inspired by nature. Her love of art, music, dance, colour and nature keeps her work joyful and full of "happy energy". Her glass celebrates her lifestyle in recurring themes: sea life, flowers, fruits and vegetables, people, music, animals and nature.

I live in a tiny island in the Salish Sea, more commonly known as the Georgia Strait, on the West Coast of British Columbia. Our timber frame home was built by my partner and myself from sustainably harvested logs that we milled ourselves. I am inspired by the beauty of the natural world that surrounds my home. Temperate rainforest and ocean through all the seasons are truly a paradise. I have much respect for people who grow organic food. Fruit, vegetables, flowers and sea life are a large part of my work. I am also inspired by many painters and quiltmakers. I love colour, colour, colour. My work has been described as having a "Happy Energy" and that is my hope when people see my work.