Ken Faulks

Ken Faulks was born in Victoria, BC, in 1964 and grew up in View Royal, on the Portage inlet. Interested in drawing and design from an early age, by 1983, Faulks was freelancing as a visual artist. He has produced work for illustration and design projects, including murals, logos, illustrated posters, cards, book covers, children's books, cartoon characters, technical drawings, product illustration, and website design. In 1989, Ken began painting "en plein air" employing the methods and media used by the Group of Seven; oil paint on small wood panels. Highly portable and durable, these enable the artist to work in the field with relative ease. Although he frequently takes these small pieces into the studio and translates them into sensational, more significant works, the "en plein air" technique has become perhaps Faulks' greatest forte. He has captured the skies and landscapes of our region in a series of paintings filled with lush brushstrokes, a bold palette and a keen compositional sense.

"When you come away from painting outdoors, what do you have? Not mountains and rivers, but paint. The paint has to be visually interesting; the paint becomes the subject. I love paint."

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