Josée Lord

Born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, in 1964, Josée Lord is a self-taught artist and has been painting since she was very young.

Josée's still lifes are marked by a singular style, a radiant declination of warm colours and bursting opaque reds and blues that shape the perspective of her still life flowers. These tones give the precise shape of the still life, and her florals spread shivers of beautiful colours as if Josée has given them distinct personalities. She needs direct contact with the material, and she likes to touch the painting to breathe life into it.

Josée's success is based on the passion she communicates with her brush. She begins each piece by sketching on the canvas through texture, form, and pattern; then, free rein is given to her imagination. Particularly touched by the uneven nature of forms, Josée is very familiar with objects and hand-made things, allowing her the freedom to exteriorize her emotions. The work of the talented Josée Lord can be found in many collections of private art and companies around the world.

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