Fraser Brinsmead

Fraser Brinsmead was born in the small community of Lac la Biche to a physician father and a musically gifted mother. The family moved to Edmonton in 1956, and it was around this time that Brinsmead's love for art and music began to emerge. Fraser's first glimpse of "the big city" affected him profoundly and inspired his eventual architectural career.

Professionally, Fraser worked as an architect for 35-years. His experience helped deepen his appreciation and love for art, even though his professional life required much of his attention. As an architect, Fraser designed several of the most recognizable and well-known buildings in and around Edmonton, including high-rise commercial and residential complexes, office buildings, museums, and archives.

Fraser has always been keenly aware of city life's incredible richness and vitality. His paintings are home to people oblivious to being watched, people who play, work, and live in an urban context. They are familiar scenes into which the viewer might feel compelled to join in, hear the sounds, feel the crowd, breathe the smells and experience the light. Many works hint at a deeper story that will entice the viewer to elaborate, while others have layered themes that reflect the complexity of modern living.