Robert Savignac

Robert Savignac was born in Montréal, Quebec, in 1946 and grew up to study at Vieux-Montreal CEGEP and Université du Quebec. Savignac lovingly paints the chaotic splendour and lush abundance of urban gardens. In intriguing corners where the natural world meets with his imagination, he creates a beautiful oasis apart from the real world. Flowers spill from balconies, vines creep up the side of a stone wall, while dappled sunlight plays in light and shadow. He is able to masterfully play with perspective, composition and a jewel-like palette to create contemporary portraits of floral space. Robert Savignac is an artist who graciously allows us to savour his love of painting. His works are featured in numerous private collections in Canada and Europe and is one of Canada's most sought after artists.
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