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Gerda Marschall

Gerda Marschall was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1949. Her family came to Canada when she was five, settling near Montreal. She earned her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from McGill in 1984 while working full time. She then started her own business buying and selling shipping containers, and added a second business related to transport repairs. Marschall’s art background includes the exploration of various art courses, most notably at the Saidye Bronfman Centre of the Arts, as well as participating in numerous workshops. She was greatly inspired and influenced by Canadian artists such as Seymour Segal, Marilyn Rubenstein, Sophie Jodoin and the late Philip Iverson. Their emphasis on expression, colour, and movement set the stage for her later works.

Marschall’s paintings are inspired by colour, nature, and creativity. Nature, gardening, animals and travelling are passions of hers that influence her work greatly. Her boundless energy and truly joyful view on life are evident in her paintings where bursts of colour and broad strokes take on a life of their own. Marschall’s still lifes are anything but still.