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Raynald Leclerc

Born in 1961 in Saint-Michel de Bellechasse, near Quebec City, Raynald Leclerc grew up in a colourful environment surrounded by beautiful landscapes. He developed his interest for art while studying architecture. A self-made artist, Leclerc first studied architecture at Levis-Lauzon CEGEP and worked for a time as an industrial designer. It was during this time that he discovered his natural talent for painting and this soon developed into a career. Following the footsteps of Clarence Gagnon and the Group of Seven, he first found inspiration in the Canadian landscape, in particular the Charlevoix region of Quebec. He has an innate ability to capture light and an acute sense of observation. Often his works depict architectural landscape with multifaceted foregrounds that beckon the viewer. Leclerc has been making a living through his art for over 35 years.

“I like to throw myself off balance, get outside my comfort zone, take risks, explore. I believe it’s important for artists not to get too comfortable and to stay away from set formulas, especially commercial ones. We have to stay real – even if it means constantly challenging ourselves.”   -Raynald Leclerc