Migration d'automne les Oies Blanches | 30" x 36"

About the Artwork

Migration d'automne les Oies Blanches is a stunning 30" x 36" oil painting by contemporary artist Raynald Leclerc. The artist uses the impasto technique and a palette dominated by blues, blacks, and whites to portray the autumn coolness and the starkness of migrating geese against the sky. Yellow dashes suggest the changing season below. This abstract approach evokes the chaotic beauty of birds in flight, where color and motion are in vibrant flux. The painting is a testament to Leclerc's signature style, which he refers to as "sculpting light," combining architectural solidity in composition and textural variation achieved through thick, expressive strokes.

Leclerc's fascination with bird flight as a symbol of freedom and higher aspirations is evident in this piece, reflecting his broader artistic philosophy of seeking new perspectives and continually challenging oneself. The interplay of light and shadow, enhanced by the impasto technique, creates reflective surfaces that catch the light differently, making the scene appear dynamic and ever-changing.

Oil paint, with its rich pigmentation and slow drying time, allows for meticulous application and blending of colours, ensuring the vibrancy of the colours and the fine details of the textural strokes endure over time.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 30" x 36"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Display: This artwork is intended to be framed, and framing is included in the listed price.

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