Jeannette Sirois

Jeannette Sirois lives on Salt Spring Island and works in her studio full time. She holds a Diploma in Design, a BFA with distinctions from Concordia University in Montreal, Art Teacher Certification and an M.Ed. from UBC.

Sirois’ iconic still lifes of oversized botanicals convey a sense of character to the plants she draws, some in blooming health and others sagging into later life. Sirois uses her floral pieces as an attempt to examine the rift between the speed of our lives and the still, slow essence of the natural world. The rate at which visual, auditory and sensory information comes to us fills our days, rarely allowing us to be still. Yet, on the other hand, these simple plants represent what we are missing and what many of us have lost; our ability to slow down, breathe the air, absorb the sun on our skin, nourish our bodies, and be in this moment is the base to our existence, health, and growth. Stillness seems to be fleeting, yet in Sirois’ work, it is there before us. Sirois hopes to bring the viewer an opportunity to reflect on who we are within this world and take a moment to slow down, see the world from a different perspective, and be still.