Claude A Simard

Simard (1943-2014) was born in Quebec City, Quebec. He studied at the Ontario College of Art, the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and the Associate Ontario Academy of Arts. Internationally renowned Simard flawlessly presents lavishly rich, brilliantly hued and discreetly playful painted surfaces bursting with flavour and love of life. He is well known for his flowers and foliage, intimate garden and still-life motifs. He accentuates the contrasts of colour in nature with rich sensuous results. As a gardener and painter, Simard follows the rhythm of the seasons with a passion. He was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 1983, the New York Society of Illustrators in 1977, and served as a member on the board of directors at the Quebec Graphic Designers Society from 1974-1976. His pieces are featured in numerous private and corporate collections throughout the country.

"All that matters in a garden as in a painting is emotion."