John Ogilvy

John Ogilvy's art deals with landscape and our civilization's impact on it. He realizes that our subtle effects on the land can arguably be more aesthetically attractive than the raw wilderness that preceded it. Therefore, he chooses to include things that he knows exist in the landscape, which is usually viewed as unsightly in a work of art. He does not foresee any thematic changes in his work but rather a continuation of the artistic progression he has been making for more than thirty years.

"When looking at a scene, one tends to overlook these everyday objects, but, by bringing attention to these details in his work, I offer the viewer, in some ways, a more realistic view of the landscape we inhabit. My paintings are often of no specific place, but rather are synthesized from many experiences and memories."

John is a seasoned traveller, often internationally, and reflects on these moments before painting them in his studio on Gabriola Island, B.C. Canada or while he spends time in Lima, Peru.