Glen Semple

Glen Semple was born in 1960 in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. He grew up to study at Red Deer College and then the University of Calgary, from which he graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Undaunted by detail, the Calgary-based artist presents resplendent images suffused with light and surreal colour, light-hearted and wonderfully contrasting textures, and dream-like and captivating compositions; visual masterpieces.

"I like to paint objects that intrigue me. I am fascinated with the transparency of glass and the reflections and the distortions caused by water. The vibrant colours of flowers, the energy in nature, and the fun in toys and ordinary 'stuff' have found a place on my canvas. I am often drawn to complex details and to the fragments of larger images. As a result, while I continue to explore my customary themes, I am also creating paintings derived from accentuating the morsels, pieces, and isolated parts, highlighting the little bits.'