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New arrivals by WH Webb!

May 21, 2020

WH Webb Promo

W.H. Webb delivered two new acrylic paintings to Edmonton yesterday!  These paintings are a depiction of the Waterton, Alberta area.  

Bill Webb is a landscape painter who describes his style as “painterly realism.” He uses acrylic paints in a manner reminiscent of the traditional school of watercolourists to create topographical landscapes that are intellectually developed with the inter-related elements of space, form, colour, line, unity, and rhythm. Bill’s work has demonstrated a lasting love affair with the vistas and mountains of Alberta. His large realistic landscapes reflect the beauty, mood and endless horizons of this land.

Waterton Way by WH Webb

St Mary's river

Click the above image to see more information regarding the two new paintings by Bill Webb.  Also, if you would like to see more acrylic on canvas paintings by W.H. Webb, please use this link:

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Fraser Brinsmead recently completed a commission for a client in Taiwan!

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