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Blu Smith: New Work in the Studio!

May 20, 2020

Blu Smith in studio

Canadian Westcoast based artist Blu Smith has unveiled a new series of work on a new large canvas scale!  The West End Gallery has been allowed to display extra-large canvases, exclusively on our website that our visitors may not have had an opportunity to see at our galleries.  These newly completed canvases extend up to the 9 feet wide and over 5 feet high!

Blu Smith's artwork has always been an experience to behold. Broad, passionate brush strokes, intense reds and blues complimented by hues of soft greens and purple take you on an introspective journey into a landscape or abstract expression of Blu's creation.

Our art gallery currently has three new works, located in Blu Smith's studio.  These paintings are available for immediate purchase and are included under our Free Shipping Within Canada Promotion, and restrictions would apply.  We also offer complimentary mockup services for homes and offices.  If you would like to learn more about that process, see our "Mockup Service" page.

JewelOfTheEye by Blu Smith
Jewel of the Eye 54"x90" Mixed Media on Canvas.  Location: In Artist Studio

Light Waves by Blu Smith
Light Waves 66"x108" Mixed Media on Canvas by Blu Smith.  Location: In Artist Studio

Emerald Morning
Emerald Morning 66"x 84" Mixed Media on Canvas by Blu Smith.  Location: In Artist Studio


Please note, we do not post our artwork availability in our press releases.  Be sure to contact us to confirm if one or more of these paintings are available for purchase.

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