The Still of Evening | 31.5" x 63

About the Artwork

The Still of Evening is a 31.5" x 63" mixed media painting by David Graff, created on panel.

Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockey Mountains, Graff created an evocative depiction of the rugged mountains surrounding a tranquil mountain lake. This mixed-media piece features a unique interplay of textures and colours that change with the ambient light and viewing angle, only found in David's artwork. The painting incorporates a metallic medium, gilding, and transparent colour glazes, contributing to its depth and luminosity. At the same time, the high-sheen resin finish adds a reflective quality, making the colours shift subtly as the light changes. The sky above transitions from a soft blue to warm, dusky tones, reflecting the quiet stillness of the evening. Metallic gilding gives the composition a unique shimmer that enhances the sense of depth and dimension. Graff invites viewers to explore his landscape and engage with the changing visual effects created by the combination of light and materials.

Viewing and Photography Note:

The Still of Evening is finished in a high-gloss acrylic resin that reflects and captures light by design. It also can reflect nearby objects within the room it hangs, including our camera, when photographing the artwork. This reflective characteristic means that capturing the painting accurately in a photo is challenging; the shifting colours are most effectively appreciated firsthand. We recommend clients visit the gallery to experience the effects of Graff's work in person. Remote viewings via Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime are available upon request.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 31.5" x 63"
  • Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
  • Display: The artist used a 2" deep profile panel with finished edges intended to be displayed unframed.

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