Autumn Tapestry, Madawaska River

About the Artwork

Autumn Tapestry, Madawaska River is a mesmerizing 12" x 15" oil painting, masterfully executed on board by the renowned Group of Seven member, A.J. Casson. Born in Toronto in 1898, Casson's journey into art began with private lessons from Harry Britton, who introduced him to the wonders of colour and the magic of oils and watercolours. This evocative piece captures the tranquil beauty of one of Ontario's cherished waterways. Casson's signature palette reflects the quintessential Canadian landscape. His dedication to the arts, from his early days at Hamilton Technical School to his significant contributions to the Group of Seven, is palpable in every brushstroke of this intimate masterpiece.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 12"x15"
  • Medium: Oil on Board
  • Framing: This painting is within its original frame

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