Le Bonheur au Quotidien - An Exhibition by Robert Savignac

Le Bonheur au Quotidien – An Exhibition by Robert Savignac October 16 – 28, 2021

Robert Savignac has lovingly released his latest collection, which abounds with colour. Known for passionately painting the chaotic splendour and lush abundance of urban gardens. Working with authentic landscapes and his invention, he creates elegant and inviting retreats on canvas. Flowers spill from balconies, vines creep up the side of stonewalls, all while dappled sunlight casts its light and shadow. Masterfully engaging with the observer's viewpoint through composition and a jewel-like palette, he delights in creating contemporary portraits of floral spaces. Robert's works are featured in numerous private collections in Canada and Europe, and he is one of Canada's most sought-after artists.

"I would tell you that the goal sought through the paintings remains unchanged for all these years, namely the creation of imaginary places that bring the viewer a feeling of well-being and joy. A place where we want to live. It is, first of all, a question of emotions and not a structure around a theme."