Elka Nowicka

Elka Nowicka combines old-world aesthetics, modern sensibilities, and a theatrical touch to create luminously crumbled patina-covered canvases. Using acrylic paint and mixed media, she creates multi-layered works of exquisite texture. Currently residing in Victoria, British Columbia, Elka was born in Poland, where she earned her Master's degree in construction engineering. After arriving in Canada in 1990, she pursued her love for the creative and soon established herself as an accomplished designer: fashion, home, stage sets and textiles. Her eye for detail, balance and design led her to produce canvases, textile art and her line of hand-painted silk beddings.

"I am inspired by antiques and classics, glamour and theatrics, and the close union of old and new. I rely on symbolism and imagery to capture the intensity of emotions and reflections. Each subject is built up with layers upon layers of experiences and relationships. Multi-textured technique intrigues me. It permits the control but allows the spontaneity in the creative process. The planned and random effects give each piece its unique and individual patina."


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