Claudette Castonguay

Claudette Castonguay was born in Quebec in 1949 to a family of six children and currently resides in Beauport, QC. Growing up, Castonguay flourished as a young artist, first liking drawing and then later painting. After a career as a teacher, she retired in 1984 to devote her time exclusively to her professional painting career. Also, in 1984, she had her first solo exhibition.

Castonguay is known for paintings that depict spontaneity, sensitivity, and humour. An afternoon cocktail party, an abundant garden, markets full of flowers, and children at play are reflections of the joy she can capture on canvas. Working with the sounds of Mozart and Bach in the background, she focuses on creating harmony within her painting. The world of Claudette Castonguay continues to delight and surprise, with her elegant compositions full of playful detail.

"When I begin a new painting, I love to give time and space to improvisation. I choose colour, I draw forms, and instinctively I try to harmonize light, colours and forms. From this, the subject of the painting takes form. I am fascinated by the play activity of creation, and I like to think that the canvas I am painting will bring as much joy to the person who will choose it as I am experiencing when I paint. When I stand in front of the easel, there is only this present moment that exists. These instants are precious, sometimes magical. What more can I ask for?"

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