Big Cities, Private Moments. An Exhibition of New Work by Fraser Brinsmead

Big Cities, Private Moments is Fraser Brinsmead’s hotly-anticipated collection of new paintings at West End Gallery in Victoria! Based on landscapes from his travels, Fraser captures the private moments that bring the immensity of the whole down to the intimate of the individual. Capturing iconic cities such as New York and San Francisco, Fraser has also set his artistic eye to the more familiar cities of Vancouver and Victoria. Drawn to the urban landscape in its varied forms, he’s persistently drawn to capture the humanity within the space. In some instances, the buildings loom large and overpower the people around them, while in others, there is a sense of balance and peaceful co-existence. A constant muse, the urban landscape offers an endless source of inspiration to capture Fraser’s attention.

The exhibition runs July 4 - 16, 2020. Our Gallery Is Open For Private Viewings by Appointment From 11 am - 4 pm Daily. 

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