Glen Semple Delivers!

23 June, 2020 1 min read


Calgary based artist, Glen Semple delivered three new masterpieces to Edmonton today!  We were pleasantly surprised when we heard a knock on the door, and Glen had three stunning paintings ready to bring into our art gallery.  All three are studies of posey's cut from his garden last summer.  Glen composes his paintings by selecting an arrangement of flowers and photographing them under different outdoor lighting conditions.  Glen states in his artist CV:

"I like to paint objects that intrigue me. I am fascinated with the transparency of glass and the reflections and the distortions caused by water. The vibrant colours of flowers, the energy in nature, and the fun in toys and ordinary 'stuff' have found a place on my canvas. I am often drawn to complex details, and the fragments of larger images. As a result, while I continue to explore my common themes, I am also creating paintings derived from accentuating the morsels, pieces, and isolated parts, highlighting the little 'bits.'

The three new paintings are available for purchase and can be found on his artist page: Glen Semple

The new paintings titled Posey #1, Posey #2, and A Peaceful Posey also have a little easter egg / new feature we have rolled out on our website.  Each painting has a short video attached, that will give you a better look at Glen Semple's latest acrylic paintings!

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