Steven Armstrong - Points of Views: A Selection of Perspectives on Landscapes

Steven Armstrong's latest collections of paintings on display at the West End Gallery in Victoria, B.C. explore the rugged landscapes and windy skies of Vancouver Island and offer an opportunity to investigate a deeper relationship with the natural environment. Lone objects come to represent more than merely trees, rocks, earth, and sky – they suggest places that carry meaning for us as individuals, and we relate to them over time.

"How do you communicate the experience of exploring a coastal rain forest, hiking to an alpine lake, or watching the wild Pacific waves roll in? I grew up fascinated by how we conceptualize and express our relationship with the natural environment and with one another—that sense of connection. I approach painting as a form of communicating an ever-changing relationship with place. It's a dialogue, really – a conversation into which the viewer is invited."

We invite you to experience this event in person at the West End Gallery in Victoria, B.C., which opens Saturday, November 7, 2020. This exceptional collection will be together for two weeks, officially closing on Thursday, November 19. A virtual walkthrough will be posted for those who cannot attend or for individuals living in faraway places. Our staff thank you for wearing your mask while visiting our gallery.

Please don't hesitate to utilize the "Enquire Online" button on our website if you have any questions regarding a specific painting(s) or wish to purchase painting by Steven Armstrong. We can also be reached via email at