Pride of Place - An Exhibition by Dana Irving

At once whimsical and serene, Dana Irving’s paintings create a sense of wonder and quiet in the viewer, inviting them to guess at the stories that unfold in her unique landscapes. Her work has been compared to both Emily Carr and Dr. Seuss, and both hold true in her incredibly creative approach to painting the Canadian landscape.

Dana Irving was born in Prince George, BC. She studied at Douglas College, Victoria College of Art, Vancouver Academy of Art, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and Kwantlen College. Influenced by the painters of the 1930s and ’40s as well as Canada’s own Group of Seven, Dana has travelled extensively across British Columbia and Alberta, as well as forays into Ontario and Quebec, finding endless inspiration in the Canadian landscape. Seduced by the drama of the ever-changing natural beauty around her, her paintings focus on movement and light with a touch of whimsy.