Autumn Tapestry Madawaska River by AJ Casson | West End Gallery | Edmonton, AB

We are honoured to share a unique opportunity with our esteemed clientele to purchase a historical work of art by A.J. Casson. "Autumn Tapestry, Madawaska River," an original oil painting by the youngest and most influential member of the iconic Group of Seven. Born in Toronto in 1898, Casson's artistic journey was characterized by his remarkable contributions to Canadian art, from his evocative depictions of Ontario's landscapes to his leadership roles in various art societies. You're not just looking at a painting; you're experiencing a part of Canadian art history shaped by Casson's dedication, passion, and immense talent.


No, Autumn Tapestry Madawaska River, is not available for public viewing, an appointment is required.

Autumn Tapestry Madawaska River is being sold for CAD $41,500. It's worth noting that other works by A.J. Casson have recently been sold at auctions for prices ranging from $38,000 to $62,000, indicating the high demand and appreciation for his artwork.

This particular piece of art holds unique value as it has never been displayed publicly and has been in the possession of the original owner's family since the late 1950s. It is in impeccable condition and has been kept in a non-smoking environment, away from direct sunlight. The artwork is a masterpiece by AJ Casson and is ready to adorn your home or any place of honour.

"Madawaska River" comes with multiple signed appraisal documents from over the decades, attesting to its authenticity and value.

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No, this is a final sale item.

For the safe delivery of Autumn Tapestry Madawaska River we recommend using FedEx's priority service for Canadian addresses and DHL Express for international customers. Please note that shipping and insurance costs are not included in the artwork's price. While both FedEx and DHL are reliable services, we strongly advise clients to opt for additional insurance coverage.

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