Remembering W.H. (Bill) Webb • 1940 - 2020

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Estate Collection of W.H. Webb Paintings

The below paintings have been released for sale by the estate of W.H. Webb. Please click on the "Quick View" button for more images of each painting. Currently, the paintings are framed in the manner received.

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Client Memories of Bill Webb

We are collecting and displaying fond memories that our clients have had with Bill Webb over his long and storied carrier at the West End Gallery.

If you have a special memory or would like to share a picture of your painting by Bill, please email us at

Pat and Al's WH Webb Painting

This picture is the second painting (Bill) Webb sold at his first showing. I had been following Webb and was eager to acquire a painting. We dutifully went down to the preview on Friday night. It was a large showing numbering between 25 to 30 paintings. Pat's first pick was a fence line in the setting sun. It was very nice, but my first choice was this one. Dan indicated that he had heard that there were some Calgarians planning to attend, so he thought there would be a rush at the 10 AM opening. (he is an excellent salesman!) so I dutifully set the alarm at 4:30 AM as no Calgarian was going to beat me out! It was a bitterly cold November day. I got to the gallery at about 5 AM, and as soon as I parked the car, a young woman jumped out of her car and stood at the door. I spoke to her, and we decided that she was clearly first, and neither of us should be out in the cold. This procedure was repeated a few times, and by 8 AM, there were about six people in line. Soon after the lights in the gallery came on and the Hudon's saw this shrivelling mass of humanity outside their door, they decided that they would let us in rather than face a lawsuit for cruelty, and they give each of us a number in the order that we entered.

Now I clearly had a painful decision to make, and it had to be made before 10 AM. Do I select Pat's first choice, or do I go with my first pick? There were major implications for this type of decision! I finally decided that I was the one that had risked the frostbite, so that should count for something. I knew that regardless of which picture the lady ahead would make, we would get one of our two picks.

The magic hour of 10 can, and Dan called #1 forward to make her pick. She took the fence line in the sunset! There is karma in this world. I then proceeded to select the attached, and we all lived happily ever after. However, I did tell Pat that I was going to take the fence line picture but that it was gone by the time my turn came and that it was very unfortunate that we lost her choice.

Pat & Al

Bill loved engaging with children when he had the opportunity. At a Gallery Walk event in Edmonton, he invited young visitors to help him work on a painting of Fortress Mountain. It was quite a special moment for many onlookers as well as Bill's new art students!