Lucky Charm | 60" x 60"

About the Artwork

Introducing "Lucky Charm," a captivating 60"x60" mixed media on canvas painting by Annabelle Marquis. Marquis skillfully combines various mediums and techniques to bring forth the enchanting presence of the dragon, symbolizing strength, goodness, and power.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 60" x 60"
  • Medium: Mixed media (Acrylic and paper collage on canvas)
  • Unique feature: Marquis's expertise in capturing the essence of the dragon shines through in "Lucky Charm" as she revisits this popular creature with a renewed sense of joy and creativity.

The Artist's Inspiration

"I explored the dragon during a period when I was frequently exhibited in Asia. It is a very popular creature there, symbolizing strength, goodness, and power. I decided to revisit the subject for this exhibition. I was afraid it would be difficult as it was a subject I had put aside, but finally, the magic happened, and I had a lot of fun painting it!"

Marquis's artistic journey with "Lucky Charm" reflects her deep connection to the symbolism of the dragon, capturing its allure and imbuing it with her unique artistic interpretation.

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Embrace the captivating presence of the dragon with "Lucky Charm" by Annabelle Marquis, and let its symbolism of strength, goodness, and power inspire you.

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