Mt. Edith Cavell | 40" x 30"

About the Artwork

Mt. Edith Cavell is a captivating oil on canvas painting by Ryan Sobkovich. The artwork pays tribute to the majestic beauty of Mount Edith Cavell, a prominent peak located in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Named in 1916 in honour of Edith Cavell, a British nurse who valiantly assisted Allied soldiers in escaping from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands during World War I, this mountain holds historical significance and embodies bravery and resilience. With meticulous brushwork and a keen eye for capturing the essence of the mountain, Sobkovich invites viewers to experience the awe-inspiring grandeur of this natural wonder.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 40"x30" (Canvas measurements)
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Frame: Personally chosen and framed by the artist, resulting in outside frame measurements of 42"x32".

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