Robert Savignac - Life's Little Pleasures

The West End Gallery in Edmonton, AB, is pleased to present "Life's Little Pleasures," a solo exhibition of new works by Robert Savignac opening on Saturday, November 14. Savignac depicts the beauty of the South of France and Montréal by joyously capturing the light and magic of the natural elements of urban life.

This exhibition captures the pleasure of stopping to smell the flowers while exploring Montreal's mature neighbourhoods. Visiting the local florist and bringing home a little bit of that summer scent. It is an invitation to inspect, taste, and savour a memory of Provence. With various scenes of city sidewalks, country manors, and quaint cottages, all bursting with nature's colours, Savignac manages to stop time and capture the poetry of nature.

We invite you to experience this event in person at the West End Gallery in Edmonton, AB, which opens Saturday, November 14, 2020. This exceptional collection will be together for two weeks, officially closing on Thursday, November 26. A virtual walkthrough will be posted for those who cannot attend or for individuals living in faraway places.

Please don't hesitate to utilize the "Enquire Online" button on our website if you have any questions regarding a specific painting(s) or wish to purchase a painting by Robert Savignac. We may also be reached via email at  The artwork is subject to pre-sale before the official exhibition opening date.  Don't wait to enquire or email!

Please note that the frames shown in the artwork thumbnails are for display purposes.  If the selected frame does not suit your home decor, you may choose a style more complimentary at the time of purchase.  Prices include framing unless stated otherwise.