Mt. McGowan, Sawtooths, Idaho | 30" x 40"

About the Artwork

Mt. McGowan, Sawtooths, Idaho, is a 30" x 40" oil painting by Glenn Payan, created on canvas.

Payan showcases his distinctive style characterized by vibrant colours and dynamic compositions. This piece prominently features a snow-capped mountain with sharp, angular peaks under a dramatic, cloud-filled sky. The use of deep blues and stark whites for the mountain contrasts strikingly with the rich green of the surrounding forest and the bright, almost surreal blue sky. In the foreground is a whimsical, elongated house painted in warm, earthy browns with green accents on the windows. This structure, along with the cypress-like trees flanking it, adds a touch of surrealism to the scene. Payan's brushwork is bold, and his vivid colours create a sense of movement and liveliness in the landscape. Payan's work bears a resemblance to the styles of the Group of Seven, particularly in its depiction of the Canadian landscape. Like Lauren Harris, Payan's mountains are not just realistic depictions but are imbued with a sense of grandeur and an emphasis on form and colour. However, his use of exaggerated perspectives and whimsical elements can also be compared to the works of the surrealist landscapes of Salvador Dalí, although Payan's work is distinctly more playful and contemporary. Overall, this painting encapsulates Glenn Payan's ability to blend realism with whimsical and surreal elements, creating familiar and fantastical landscapes.

Dimensions and Details

  • Size: 30" x 40"
  • Medium: Oil on Canvas
  • Display: This painting is on a 1.5" deep profile canvas with finished edges and is intended to be displayed unframed.

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