Welcoming Sophie Carrier to West End Gallery Victoria!

10 February, 2022 1 min read

Welcoming Sophie Carrier to West End Gallery Victoria!

We are very excited to announce that new paintings by Sophie Carrier have arrived in Victoria!

Sophie's paintings are an aesthetically pleasing world of abundance, both cheerful and somewhat naive, and far removed from the pessimism in which society is overwhelmed on all sides by present culture, media and art. The nature she constructs is based on drawing inspiration from the garden and the forest. Usually beginning with an important figure that impressed her (a bird, a flower), she gradually constructs the picture using successive layers of intentional accidental and controlled factors. This technique combines drawings, collage, realistic painting, pools of polymer, broad strokes made by large paintbrushes, recoveries, transparency, and minor motifs. It is all part of a composition, in which the neutral spaces control the filled areas of the canvas. She seeks to maintain visible traces of each layer as blueprints to the construction of each finished painting.

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