May 06, 2021 1 min read

The West End Gallery is excited to introduce Ilinca Ghibu as our newest addition to our repetoire of artists!

Born in Romania in 1971, Ilinca Ghibu moved to Canada and spent her formative years living in Montréal, QC. She also spent two years, between 16 and 18, living in Paris. Shortly before leaving for Paris, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibited “Pablo Picasso, Rencontre à Montréal.” The exhibition left an indelible mark and proved to be the perfect introduction to how she would spend her time in Paris. Her love affair with art flourished, and as she visited the city’s museums and galleries, she truly discovered her passion for art and realized the freedom of artistic expression.

Through my creation, my imagery becomes clearer and my emotions more palpable. My observations, my sensations, my secrets and my boundaries come to life on the surface of a canvas. It is the way I give meaning to my daily life and define my personal story.

Ilinca's artwork is available for viewing in our Edmonton gallery and online!

Visit Ilinca's page to learn more about her creative style and artistic career as well as view her full collection of paintings!