Welcoming Jenna D. Robinson to the West End Gallery

24 July, 2021 1 min read

Welcoming Jenna D. Robinson to the West End Gallery

While always more content exploring the outdoors through overland hiking and summiting mountain ranges, Robinson uses acrylic on canvas to express her perspective from many of her favourite lookouts. At first glance, Robinson's work is identifiably realistic, yet her focus on contrast lends a surreal element to her primarily acrylic portraits of Canadian mountains, reflections, and forests. Light is an infinitely creative force that plays on her landscapes; it's constantly shifting and revealing a new perspective on a well-known place.

"All or nothing" is my unintentional perspective in life. Dramatic? Yes! Just like my paintings. Ironically, even though my paintings are bold and intense, they inspire a sense of peace and reflection. I believe this sense of calm is born in a moment when something vast and majestic is encountered, and it demands a 'pause' from the mental chatter. I love my research process because getting out into the mountains is a necessary part of inspiration. My paintings are inspired by photos taken during hikes, climbs, and days out in the backcountry on a splitboard. As a result, all my painting subjects are local, reflecting my own sense of identity and connection with nature. Before I started painting, I was convinced that I would be an Impressionist obsessed with colour. Somehow I ended up being a Realist seduced by the power of light to alter and define our perception of the world. I'm captivated by the ability of light to manipulate the colours and definition of a landscape and transform it into something completely unfamiliar.

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