We raised $28 790 to help Ukrainians!

15 March, 2023 2 min read

Rod Charlesworth

As a husband and father of two amazing boys, the events that unfolded over a year ago in Ukraine deeply touched me. Being fortunate to be born and raised in Canada, I was inspired to help those displaced.

I approached our talented roster of artists with the idea of hosting an online fundraiser featuring unique paintings that resonated with the people and culture of Ukraine. The response was overwhelming, as numerous artists generously donated their artwork to support the cause.

Instead of an auction, we encouraged our customers to contribute by purchasing the donated pieces. Many artists involved in the project enjoy international recognition, and their artwork is highly sought after by dedicated collectors. Our website was crucial in bringing this project to life, enabling us to reach a worldwide audience and showcase the artists' creations.

Thanks to our customers' support, the campaign raised an impressive $28,790. To ensure these funds reached those most in need, I connected with Ed Stelmach, former Alberta Premier and founder of the Ed Stelmach Community Foundation. This foundation promotes "a culture of charity and equality for all Albertans" and is managed by a volunteer board. They are currently focusing on two key initiatives to assist displaced Ukrainians.

Firstly, they collaborate with local groups to purchase and ship humanitarian supplies and equipment to Ukraine. Secondly, they provide financial assistance to various local organizations, helping resettle refugees arriving in Canada, temporarily or permanently.

I am immensely proud of the campaign's success and its positive impact on those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We made a meaningful difference through the power of art and our customers' generosity. If you wish to donate to the Ed Stelmach Community Foundation, they accept monetary donations via cheque or e-transfer. Please send cheques to P.O. Box 70, 4902 50 St., Vegreville, AB, T9C 1R1, or e-transfers to nancyk@wildeag.ca.


Thank you,

Matthew Hudon

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