The Heart of Original Art: A Tale of The Alberta Bears

03 March, 2024 2 min read

Peter Wyse Original Art

The Lasting Embrace of Original Art

Original art is an essential part of our human experience, as it reflects our deepest selves and is a way of preserving our stories for generations. It tells the nuanced stories of our lives, connecting us to human emotion and fostering a sense of community.

One beautiful example of the power of original art is The Alberta Bears an acrylic painting by Peter Wyse. 

Wyse first sketch
[Image 1: First Concept Sketch] The first stirrings of The Alberta Bears the initial concept sketch by Peter Wyse. This concept sketch marks the beginning of a journey—a piece that started as a heartfelt conversation and took shape through the skilled hands of Peter Wyse. It represents the raw blueprint of a vision, one that is deeply personal and yet universally understandable.
Commissioned as a retirement gift for a patron of the arts, it represents him and his wife as protective black bears watching over their granddaughters, embodying the essence of family, legacy, and the joy of new beginnings. Personal elements, such as a bumblebee and an Alberta rose, represent the grandchildren's middle names, Bea and Rose.
Wyse Second Drawing

[Image 2: Refined Sketch]  Refining the vision: Evolving sketches capture the heart of the narrative. Through a series of revisions and constant dialogue, the initial sketches evolved. 

Through strokes of colour and imagination, art like The Alberta Bears captures the essence of different phases of life and immortalizes them. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art in our lives and encourages us to support the artists and galleries that bring such visions to life. We should fill our homes with stories painted in the vibrant hues that reflect our experiences. 

Prepped panel by peter wyse

Image 3: Prepped Birch Board] Setting the stage: A birch board prepped for the transformation."The selection of a birch board is intentional, providing a warm and organic foundation for the painting. It's a surface that not only supports the weight of the acrylic but also the weight of the narrative it carries.

Framed Alberta Bears

[Image 4: Finished Painting in Frame] A family's legacy framed. The framed painting, now hanging as a focal point, is a daily reminder to the family of their journey, their love, and the joy art can bring into their lives. 

Detail shot
[Image 5: Detail of Personalization] It's all in the details! Subtle yet poignant, the addition of the bumblebee and Alberta rose tell a deeper story. 

Embrace Original Art

Join us in celebrating the artists that make such connections possible. Visit a gallery, attend an art show, and seek art that tells your story. Together, we can ensure that the tradition of original art continues to thrive and enrich our lives. Supporting original art means supporting a legacy of creativity, passion, and human connection. Let's keep the tradition alive!

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