Robert Savignac: Colour before all things...

05 November, 2022 1 min read

Robert Savignac: Colour before all things...
Colour before all things...

For decades, Robert Savignac has perfected the unique perspective of the 'passerby.' Not conforming to what the viewer perceives as figurative artwork should be. Parks in city centres overflowing with flowers, private and public botanical gardens, balconies adorned with flowerboxes, and manicured lawns. His paintings are an example of nature's resilience in the urban environment.

Through his preferred oil medium on canvas, he opens viewers' eyes to joyful views and inviting places that evoke the presence of vegetation within the very core of the metropolis. A world where blossoms inhabit an urban backdrop of glass and concrete with honour. As if he had borrowed nature's seductive magic to make it urbane. The result is an intensity of colour in which budding flowers stand out from the background of green leaves, and towering trees stand as sentinels.

He takes it all in from the perspective of a passerby. Compositions are caught on the run. Momentary scenes of which the recollection contains only the essential. They are spontaneous - not to say improvised, as Robert captures many familiar locations in Montréal. It is a free-style, remembering a place in how it once was or should be, in one's mind with a hint of mischief.

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