April 30, 2021 1 min read

New paintings from Annabelle Marquis have arrived at the West End Gallery in Edmonton!

Annabelle's artistic approach is deeply tied to colour and composition and the unique way she mixes collage with paint. Each painting is fresh and spontaneous, full of ‘joie de vivre.’ Using mixed media collage with gold leaf, she is equally happy painting purely abstract or figurative work. Striking colours and strong design are at the heart of her pieces and further draw each viewer into her world.

She creates visual scavenger hunts that link the conscious to the unconscious. Using fragments of a magazine, flocked wallpaper, and fabric, she spreads her torn handiwork upon the canvas and, little by little, forms come into being.

“I enjoy the sensation of dried glue and pigment on my hands… I do not start off with a preconceived idea; the paper guides me.” - Annabelle Marquis

Head over to Annabelle's artist's page to view more of her new artwork available through the West End Gallery!