Naomi Cairns: Capturing the West Coast's Ethereal Beauty

20 November, 2023 2 min read

Naomi Cairns: Capturing the West Coast's Ethereal Beauty

Naomi Cairns: Capturing the West Coast's Ethereal Beauty

Naomi Cairns is an emerging figure in contemporary Canadian art whose work reflects the serene yet unbridled essence of British Columbia's West Coast. Born in the picturesque Vancouver Island in 1984, Naomi's art is a testament to the profound impact of her natural surroundings on her life. Her latest works, which comprise a series of large-scale oil paintings, offer an evocative journey through the places she holds dear, each piece celebrating the wild beauty of the land.

A New Collection Unveiled

Cairns' new series is a continuation of her exploration into the heart of Canada's coastal landscapes. Pieces such as Shoreline XI, Refuge Cove I, Intertidal II, and Mansons Lagoon XV represent a deep dive into the artist's intimate relationship with the sea and shore. Cairns captures the essence of each location's unique story through her distinct, immersive style.


Shoreline xi by Naomi cairns

Shoreline XI offers a serene study of the water's edge, where the tranquillity of the lagoon whispers tales of the ebb and flow of life. Cairns' meticulous brushwork and harmonious palette capture a moment suspended in time, inviting viewers to pause and ponder the gentle dance of light on water.

refuge cove i by naomi cairns

Refuge Cove I captures a moment of peace at dawn, where the hues of the waking sky kiss the calm waters. Like a visual symphony, this piece plays with the subtlety of early morning light, rendering the cove's embrace in a warm glow.

Interlude ii by naomi cairns

Intertidal II reflects the dynamic interplay between land and sea, where the tide's retreat reveals the rich tapestry of life beneath the water. Cairns skilfully portrays the myriad textures and colours of the intertidal zone.

mansons lagoon xv

Mansons Lagoon XV with its vibrant, reflective waters and the depth of the lagoon, showcases Cairns' continued fascination with the threshold where water meets earth.

The Artist's Journey

Naomi Cairns is an artist with a diverse and rich artistic journey, which is reflected in her paintings depicting landscapes. She received her education from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and studied in France at L’École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, which has influenced her work significantly. However, her time spent on a 40-foot sailboat with her husband and sailing the Gulf Islands has added an extra dimension of experience that comes to life in her paintings. 

Cairns' paintings capture the movement and light of the West Coast shorelines, making them appealing to new and established collectors. Her talent and vision are evident in her works, part of the permanent collection of the National War Museum in Ottawa, ON.

An Invitation to View

Naomi Cairns' new collection offers a chance to immerse oneself in the serene beauty of the West Coast through her brushstrokes. It's a unique opportunity to observe and interact with the art, allowing it to resonate within and find a piece of the West Coast that speaks directly to you.

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