January 28, 2021 1 min read

An accomplished artist for over 35 years, Ron Parker’s career started in wildlife painting. Driven to depict realistic images of wildlife in their surrounding environment, Ron was working with landscape imagery even before he consciously decided to dedicate himself to it. After 10 years of working with animals it was natural for him to challenge himself with a new direction.

Ron’s landscape paintings envelop the viewer and draw you into the heart of the scene. When he started working on his new direction he striped back his style to produce paintings that were more about form and essential elements rather than true representation. As he progressed on this new path his focus evolved to incorporate atmospheric light and attention to detail. Ron’s paintings are now masterful renditions of photorealism that maintain a painterly authenticity.

Just as I have never hiked the same trail more than once, I like to look at my art as a journey where I am always going forward and taking a new path.              

- Ron Parker