Greta Guzek

Between the Lines: An Exhibition of New work by Greta Guzek

Greta Guzek is celebrating 20 years and her 11th solo exhibition Between the Lines June 6 – 18, 2020, with West End Gallery! Greta’s joyous and whimsical West Coast paintings are familiar both in their stunning beauty and their intimate charm. Utilizing the intricate design and vivid colours, her paintings capture the idyllic qualities that are intrinsic to the serenity of coastal life and nature.  This latest collection of paintings also draws inspiration from the poems of Robert Perry, whose anthology “The Arbutus Islands”; provide insight into life on the West Coast. By having a different poem displayed with each painting Greta hopes that it will enhance the viewer’s appreciation and understanding of each painting and offer a deeper glimpse into her artistic vision.

Artist Statement

I live on the edge of a natural paradise where I witness, daily, the heartbeat of the earth; it is radiant. I found these same sentiment in the poems of Robert Perry, whose anthology “The Arbutus Islands” became my focus point for these paintings, seeing between the lines. 

Please use the "Quick View" button to view individual paintings within this collection. More thumbnails of each painting are viewable once you select a painting. If you have any questions, wish to book an appointment or purchase a painting by Greta Guzek, please call us in Edmonton toll-free at 877.388.0009 or click "Enquire Online" button.

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