The Long Way Through - An Exhibition by Blu Smith

Working feverously in his North Saanich studio, Blu Smith has released his latest collection that will be on display at the West End Gallery in Edmonton, AB. It's there in his sun-bathed studio where Blu pours his heart and soul into his artwork; it's where the magic happens.

The early morning hours are when Blu Smith steps out of his home, crosses his yard and heads into his 1200 square foot studio, also known as the Lighthouse. Everything is deliberately laid out: one area is for a workshop, with tools, lengths of kiln-dried wood and rolls of raw canvas. On the opposite side, partitioned by a movable display wall, is the creative space, concrete floors, white walls covered in paint and a bank of large windows allowing the outside in.

In this latest acquisition, you will see rays of light dancing through trees in the rich, forested area. Douglas fir and other trees surrounding the Lighthouse seep into his artwork, taking Blu down an exploratory path of abstract landscapes.

We invite you to experience the work of Blu Smith at the West End Gallery in Edmonton! Opening on November 20 and continuing until December 2, this collection will not be available forever. There is no time like the present to purchase a painting by Blu Smith for your home or office!