W.H. Webb Estate Virtual Exhibition FAQ

20 November, 2020 1 min read

W.H. Webb Estate Virtual Exhibition FAQ

In partnership with the W.H. Webb Estate, the West End Gallery in Edmonton, AB will be hosting an online farewell exhibition of the available paintings by Bill Webb. This collection spans from 2012 to 2020 and are available for purchase immediately.

We will be using our online platform, where everyone can see, wherever they are in the world, to celebrate the life of W.H. (Bill) Webb. We've included a video tribute, memories with key messages, and photos of a wonderful man and exceptional artist.

Exhibition FAQ

Q. May I view this exhibition in person?

A. This is an online exhibition only. Appointments may be arranged to view available paintings in person.

Q. How do I book an appointment?

A. Please call 780.488.4892 or press the "Enquire Online" button

Q. I don't live in Edmonton. How may I purchase a painting online?

A. We can assist you over the phone at 780.488.4892 or press the "Enquire Online" button. A secure invoice will be sent via email.

Q. What kind of delivery options are available?

A. We are offering free local delivery within the Edmonton, AB area. Affordable shipping options are available for Canada, the USA, and other faraway places!

Q. May I purchase these paintings unframed?

A.Yes! We have a framing allowance within the listed price. We are displaying the paintings in their existing frames. Other framing options are available.

Did we not cover one of your questions? Give us a call or email us at art@westendgalleryltd.com

Click this link to return to the virtual exhibition.


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