Major Milestone: Celebrating Ten Years Representing Annabelle Marquis!

17 July, 2020 1 min read

Annabelle Marquis West End Gallery

West End Gallery is proud to celebrate Annabelle Marquis’ milestone 10th anniversary with the gallery. A truly unique talent, Annabelle’s paintings are sought for collections around the world because of their striking design and commanding vision.

Annabelle Marquis completed her Fine Arts education in Montreal at Cégep Saint-Laurent and Graphic Arts at Collège Ahuntsic. After graduation, Annabelle worked as a graphic designer for several years before committing to painting full time.

Specializing in mixed media collage, Annabelle revels in the artistic process. She starts by collecting her materials and laying the paper to canvas. As the painting evolves with layering paint, paper and gold leaf, Annabelle follows the flow of the process and embraces where the outcome will take her. 

"My works are like children; each has its individuality. You have wishes and expectations on what they will become, but things never turn out as you first thought, and that’s fine as it is!"

View available artwork by Annabelle Marquis at the West End Gallery in Edmonton and Victoria!

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