Complimentary Shipping & Exchange policy for 'If You Know, You Know' by Grant Leier

31 January, 2024 2 min read

As we unveil these works by Grant Leier, we're going to ensure they're within easy reach of art enthusiasts across Canada. To make this happen, we're offering complimentary shipping from our Alberta and British Columbia galleries. It's important to note that applicable sales taxes will be added based on your delivery location. For shipments from Alberta, a 5% GST applies. A 5% GST and a 7% PST are applicable for those from British Columbia. Additionally, for our collectors in provinces where Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is in effect, the HST will be applied according to the specific rate of your province. Below is more helpful information regarding our limited shipping promotion:

Shipping & ExchangesOur standard exchange policies apply. Please take a moment to review them for all the important details. We cover your initial shipping & handling, but should you decide to exchange the artwork, the return shipping is your responsibility. Packaging may be re-used, and if you need support, please reach out to 780.488.4892 or 250.388.0009.

Artwork Condition: We want to find homes for all Grant's colourful birds! As such, the artwork must return to us in the same condition it left. So, if there's any issue upon arrival, please contact us immediately at 780.488.4892 or 250.388.0009 for a resolution.

Embrace the Uniqueness and Handcrafted Charm: Each painting is unique, possessing its own personality and appeal. By adopting the wabi-sabi philosophy, Grant Leier's paintings showcase his honesty and genuineness. The natural peeling of the hand-applied gold leaf on the frames and the distinctive characteristics of the paintwork celebrate the beauty of imperfection and the grace of time's influence.

Limited-Time Offer: This free shipping offer is valid until February 15, 2024, and is exclusively for shipments within Canada.