Slvier | 60" x54"

Sliver is a stunning 60"x54" abstract painting by Blu Smith. Using acrylic paint and textured mixed media, Blu has created an intense and subtle piece. Against a white background, two loose circles painted in navy blue emerge at the bottom of the canvas, giving way to an eruption of red brushstrokes in a subtle clockwise direction. The reds are contrasted with purple and a grey-blue colour, adding depth and complexity to the piece. With its pure expression of emotion, Silver invites the viewer to interpret its meaning and make it their own.

Mounted on a sturdy 1 and 3/4" deep profile cradleboard with a black painted finished edge, this artwork can be displayed unframed, adding a modern touch to any space. For purchase inquiries about Slvier, click the "Enquire" button and let us assist you in your art acquisition journey.

Enquire About Slvier | 60" x54" by Blu Smith

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