An Exceptional Collaboration on now in Victoria, BC!

We are thrilled to invite you to an exceptional joint exhibition at The West End Gallery, showcasing the awe-inspiring works of Madison Hart and Tammy Hudgeon. Set for Saturday, September 9th, this event offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the brilliant artistry of these two outstanding talents.

Madison Hart: Paintings that Tell a Story

Making her debut with us, Madison Hart captivates with her enchanting and whimsical paintings. Recognized by the prestigious Award of Excellence at the B.C. Festival of the Arts, her artistry has adorned galleries and publications across the nation.

"Every time I start a new painting, I am filled with excitement. I imagine new beginnings all around me… The sweet trills of songbirds, scented flowers and trees that wrap themselves in blossoms… The gigantic mountains stretched to the sky and the Salish Sea where the Orcas play; all of this and so much more."

Tammy Hudgeon: Joyful Abundance

Tammy Hudgeon, a celebrated artist for nearly two decades, brings her vibrant glass sculptures that radiate joy and exuberance. From the Canadian Prairies to a tranquil Gulf Island in the Salish Sea, Tammy's art celebrates nature's beauty.

"This body of work celebrates and honours the animals and wild spaces while being comforted by the coziness of home. I have a deep love of being immersed in nature with the colourful critters and furry animals, open air, frothy seas and starry skies. I also loving snuggling up in my bohemian home where I’m contained and protected, a home filled with colour, texture and pattern. May we stay wild, even as we inhabit our “civilized” lives."

Join us in Downtown Victoria to experience this exquisite collection firsthand.