The History Behind the West End Gallery

24 June, 2020 1 min read

The History Behind the West End Gallery

We've had some time over that past months to dust off the archives at the West End Gallery.  One article stands out for us, after recently celebrating our 45th anniversary in business this past May.  

In 1975, a small gallery opened in the west end of Edmonton on 95 Avenue and 156 Street.  This article, showing its age by stating:

"The new West End Gallery is conveniently located on the northeast corner of 95th Ave and 156 St.  It has been located to fulfill the needs and desires of residents of the rapidly expanding southwest and western part of the city now so easily accessible by the Whitemud freeway"

Below is the full article as well as a close up that maybe a bit more readable.  We hope you enjoy going down memory lane as much as we did!


Close up of the article below


photo credit: Edmonton Journal 1975

Represented Artists

Alain Bédard Aleksandra Savina  Allen Sapp  Andrew Mirth  Annabelle Marquis  Ariane Dubois Blu Smith Bob Leatherbarrow  Brent Laycock RCA  Cameron Bird  Claude A Simard  Claudette Castonguay  Dana Irving Darren Petersen  David Blackwood  David Thai  Dulce Alba Lindeza Elaine Brewer-White  Elena Henderson  Élène Gamache  Elka Nowicka  Fraser Brinsmead  Gabor L. Nagy  Gabryel Harrison  Gerda Marschall  Glen Semple  Glenn Payan  Grant Leier  Greta Guzek  Guy Roy    Irene Gendelman  Irene Klar  Jean-Gabriel Lambert  Jeannette Perreault  Jeannette Sirois  Joanne Gauthier  Joel Mara  Josée Lord  Kathleen Black  Ken Faulks  Ken Kirkby  Lois Scott  Maria Medina  Mary Ann Laing  Maryann Hendriks  Maryse Chartrand  Naomi Cairns Nicola Mainville  Nixie Barton  Patricia Johnston  Paul Jorgensen  Paul Paquette    Paull Rodrigue  Peter Shostak  Peter Wyse  Pierre Giroux  Raynald Leclerc  Richard Cole  Robert Genn  Robert Savignac  Rod Charlesworth  Ron Parker  Sabina  Sacha Barrette  Shi Le  Shinah Lee  Steve R. Coffey  Steven Armstrong  Tammy Hudgeon  W. H. Webb  

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