We Won the Award!

03 March, 2023 1 min read

West End Gallery Highest WooRank Score 2022

Woo-hoo! For the second year in a row, our website has won a prestigious award from WooRank. This leading SEO agency rates the quality and visibility of websites to improve their ranking on search engines such as Google. The award is for the Highest Ranking WooRank Score, and we are proud to say that our website scored 91 out of 100, even surpassing the score of Apple.com, which scored 70 out of 100.

[Watch the award presentation on YouTube]

Why is this award post-worthy? As more and more businesses have pivoted online and added a notable amount of content to the internet, Google developed a better way to "sort through the weeds," so to speak. Nowadays, it is more tricky for websites to reach the coveted first page! Google's engineers use algorithms, AI, machine learning, witchcraft, blah, blah, blah... Long story short, Google moves websites it likes to the top, and those it doesn't gradually get buried.

We thank the WooRank team for their services and for recognizing the West End Gallery. The scoring system for this award considers many factors, including how meaningful and relatable the content is, ensuring that we meet the needs of our visitors with the utmost professionalism. Moreover, it reinforces our commitment to providing a top-notch online experience for you and art collectors worldwide.

TLDR: We won an award. Google likes our website, and we hope you do as well!

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high centred by steve r coffey
Steve R Coffey

23 November, 2023 2 min read

Coffey's latest oeuvre is a vibrant continuation of his exploration of Canada's diverse landscapes. Works such as Breeze, Harvest Dance, and Cat Tails (Tales), delve into the artist's intimate relationship with the plains and skies, narrating the untold stories of the land. His immersive style captures more than the essence of each scene; it brings to life the unique story embedded in every brushstroke.
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Naomi Cairns: Capturing the West Coast's Ethereal Beauty
Naomi Cairns: Capturing the West Coast's Ethereal Beauty

20 November, 2023 2 min read

Cairns' new series is a masterful continuation of her exploration into the heart of Canada's coastal landscapes. Pieces such as "Shoreline XI," "Refuge Cove I," "Intertidal II," and "Mansons Lagoon XV" represent a deep dive into the artist's intimate relationship with the sea and shore. Cairns captures the essence of each location's unique story through her distinct, immersive style.
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"Nature and Nurture" a NEW Exhibition of Paintings by Dana Irving
"Nature and Nurture" a NEW Exhibition of Paintings by Dana Irving

28 October, 2023 1 min read

We are so excited to welcome Dana Irving to the opening of her NEW exhibition, "Nature and Nurture". Meet Dana in person in Victoria on Sunday, October 29 from 1-4pm! The exhibition continues to November 9.
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